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Welcome to Ghostly World!

Ghostly World is an open community for those interested in haunted places, the paranormal, ghost towns, and history and those who haveexperienced the supernatural first hand.

Like a national park, we would like to keep it a nice place to visit.

With that being said, we do have a few guidelines in place that should be followed in order to maintain our quality standards and our safe spacewe’ve created.

It’s better for everyone that way – plus, it keeps the spirits happy!

Let’s Begin…

1. Commenting

We love to receive your comments, feedback, personal stories, and opinions! However, in order for us to permit your comments onto our site, we have rules that we strictly enforce. Help us maintain a higher standard of community discussions!

NOTICE: Severe and/or multiple violations of these terms mayresult in a block.

  1. Swearing & Offensive Material
  2. Staying On-Topic
  3. Comment Editing
  4. Comment Deletion
  5. Satanism/Occult
  6. Non-User Commenting
  7. Opinions
  8. Personal Information
  9. Comment Blocking

i. Swearing & Offensive Material

For the sake of our readers and for our own credibility, we do not permit the use of profanity on our site.

Comments that include any of the following will not be approved:

Hate speech: racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, religious intolerance, or otherwise discriminatory language
Advertisements: self-promotion, service offers, selling of goods, or other transactions with personal or financial gain
Sexual content: sexual/pornographic content, language, sexual harassment, or flirting
Profanity: swearing, vulgar language
Spam: phishing, scamming, spam, off-topic links
Offensive material: offensive/insensitive material.

Violation Levels

First Violation: We will issue a warning email to the email address provided by the commenter when they fill out the form for commenting. Depending on the severity of their violation, there is a chance that the first violation will result in the user beingblocked from making any further
comments on the site.

Second Violation: If the behavior has not changed from the first violation’s warning (provided it didnot result in a block), a temporary or lifetime block will be instated upon the user depending upon the severity of the comment’s contents.

Third Violation: If the first two violations did not result in a lifetime block and the user hascontinued to violate the rules, the user’s commenting privileges will be revoked permanently. We want to give you your voice! If you feel you have been wrongly banned, you may email us your case and we will review it. If you are correct, we will restore your commenting privileges immediately. You can contact us here.