Pennhurst Asylum

The authorization for the Eastern State Institution for the Feeble Minded and Epileptic was approved by the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1903. A commission for figuring the numbers of “insane” residents of the state was founded; they discovered that there were 1,146 “feeble-minded” citizens in mental hospitals, and another 2,627 in almshouses, county-care hospitals, reformatories, and prisons.

Old San Benito High School

The San Benito High School is currently abandoned, and it is haunted by the spirit of a little girl who wanders through the school’s halls. The sounds of screaming and crying have been heard as well. During World War II, the school was converted into a hospital for the injured.

RMS Queen Mary

The Queen Mary began construction in the December of 1930 in Clydebank, Scotland. Due to the Great Depression, work on the ship was ceased in December, 1931. In order to complete the project, Cunard (the construction company) applied for a loan from the British Government. It was approved, and there was enough leftover money that a second ship – the Queen Elizabeth – could be constructed.

USS Sullivan

The USS Sullivan (which is docked at the Buffalo Naval Park) was used in World War II. It was named for the five Sullivan brothers, who died when their cruiser was torpedoed in 1942. They began to haunt the Sullivan shortly after it was mothballed.

Fort Saulsbury

Built in 1917, Fort Saulsbury was used during World War I as a last-resort defense against the German army should they invade. When World War II came around, the fort was used as a POW camp. In 1946, Fort Saulsbury was abandoned, never to be used again. Now, the spirits of the prisoners still linger in the cell blocks.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

The St. Augustine Lighthouse (which is also known as the St. Augustine Light) is one of the most famous hauntings in America.

Nazi POW Camp

It is believed that during the 1940s, there was a Nazi Prisoner of War Camp located just north of the Arkansas River in Broken, Oklahoma. Now, those who visit the place late at night have reported having a bad feeling and hearing things behind the gate.

Carroll College

Carroll College was founded in 1909 by John Patrick Carroll, the second Bishop of the Diocese of Helena, Montana at the time. Originally, the school was named the Mount St. Charles in honor of St. Charles Borromeo. Initially, it served as an all-male liberal arts college, focusing on training young men for careers in medicine, law, engineering, teaching, and priesthood. Now, it is coeducational.

Cicero, Kansas

Cicero, Kansas was founded some time during the late 1800s, lying just four miles north and two miles east of Wellington, Kansas in Sumner County. Originally, it had two wooden grain elevators, a town hall, around four houses, and a store with a post office. A one-room school house was located 1/2 mile west of Cicero.

Anne Frank’s Secret Annex

During Hitler’s Third Reich, Jews were murdered for the Nazi “race purification”, otherwise known as the Holocaust. The Frank family hid in an attic called “the Secret Annex” for safety. Now, visitors of the Annex can experience strange cold spots in Anne’s room.

Hickam Air Force Base

On December 7th, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy bombed Navy Base Pearl Harbor (now Hickam Field, formerly and most commonly known as Hickam Air Force Base) to prevent any future attacks on Japan. The bombing led to extreme amounts of damage, aircraft destruction, 189 people killed, and 303 injured. Now, the base is said to be haunted by the 189 lingering souls.

Kadesh Methodist Church

The Kadesh Methodist Church has had its share of paranormal activity for more than seventy years. The oddest of its happenings is music emanating from the organ even when no one is near it. There have been sightings of an organ player’s apparition, however. The first paranormal activity at the church was recorded on a November morning after World War II.