Beach at Bethany

Bethany Beach is haunted by a ragged-looking military spirit in tattered clothing that roams along a stretch of the shore. Though uncertain, it is believed that the ghost is Eddie “Fast Eddie” Rickenbacker (b. October 8th, 1890), an Air Force/Army hero from World War I who died of pneumonia in Switzerland on July 23rd, 1973.

Old First Baptist Church in Collinsville, Illinois

During World War I, a German janitor was locked up in the First Baptist Church’s basement, and then the building was set ablaze, as many Americans were against any Germans in the United States because of the war. Eventually, the church was rebuilt, the original basement left intact.

Fort Saulsbury

Built in 1917, Fort Saulsbury was used during World War I as a last-resort defense against the German army should they invade. When World War II came around, the fort was used as a POW camp. In 1946, Fort Saulsbury was abandoned, never to be used again. Now, the spirits of the prisoners still linger in the cell blocks.

Battelle, Alabama

Battelle (DeKalb County, Alabama) was a thriving mining community at the turn of the century, having spread out to the base of Lookout Mountain, five miles north of Valley Head, Alabama. Now, the forest has taken over, and no buildings remain in what was Battelle. Ruins include scattered bricks, rotted lumber, and a few pieces of metal. A few tame rose bushes remain.

John McCrae Bunker

During World War I, bunkers were used to heal soldiers who had been injured during combat. The John McCrae Bunker is famous for its abundant haunts.

Bodelwyddan Castle

Bodelwyddan was bought from the Humphreys by Sir William Williams, who was the Speaker in the House of Commons from 1680 to 1681. The castle was reconstructed by Sir John Hay Williams between 1830 and 1852 with the help of architects Joseph Hansom (inventor of the Hansom cab) and Edward Welch, who refurbished and extended the house. This occurred even despite the decline of the Williams’ family fortunes since 1850, which occurred due to the loss of income from lead mining, the family’s main income.