Northern State University

The Northern State University, located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, has two notable haunted locations; Jerde Hall and the Johnson Fine Arts Center.

University of Pancasila

While the reason of University of Pancasila’s haunting is unknown, it is known that if you go into the elevator and press one of the buttons to pick one of the floors, it will almost always come out on the wrong floor. It is unknown whether this is a faulty elevator or paranormal activity.

Tarumanagara University

On the 13th floor of Tarumanagara University, there is a photocopy facility that those who work there say is haunted. Every day at 12:00 noon, the employees see an apparition of a decapitated head. While the cause of death for this person is unknown, it appears that they had something that was left unfinished during their time with the living.

Kabul University

Some of the abandoned dorms and classrooms of the Kabul University were used by the Taliban to torture and kill whoever defied them. While restoring the university, foreign aid workers said that they smelled rotting flesh, feces, and other bodily wastes. They saw the spirits of the Taliban’s victims. Sounds of screaming and crying in pain was heard by the workers as well.

North Dakota State University

The North Dakota State University has had many paranormal occurences on the third floor of Ceres Hall. These are believed to be caused by a man who committed suicide via hanging himself from a heating vent sometime during World War II.

University of Missouri

The playhouse, known as Epperson Hall, of the University of Missouri in Kansas City is believed to be haunted by a manager who died in the stage manager’s arms in the lobby some time in 1957. Now, reports of hearing footsteps and feeling her presence have been shared.

Alabama State University

Alabama State University’s Becker Hall is haunted by now-deceased basketball players. Late at night, they play their sport, and the sounds of cheering fans can be heard even when there’s no game playing. The players, which are benign spirits, linger in the area due to their love of the game.