Katie’s Church

Location: White Hall, Pennsylvania, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – ? Type: Christian Status: Closed History: Katie’s Church in White Hall, Pennsylvania is home to strange noises, orbs, and light without any apparent sources. There is rumor that blood flows out of the boarded windows. The church, which is currently out of use, remains intact….

Myrtle Grove Cemetery

Location: Baxterville, Mississippi, USA Built: Mid-1800s Status: Still standing History: The oldest graves in Myrtle Grove Cemetery date as far back as the mid-1800s. Occurences have include the apparitions of people walking through the cemetery, dark emotional feelings, and odd sounds. Paranormal activities also occur within the surrounding homes. External Links: Myrtle Grove Cemetery – Forgotten…

Joe’s Older Than Dirt Place

Location: Louisville, Kentucky, USA Built: c. 1937 Operation Time: 1937 – Present Type: Bar Status: Open History: Joe’s Older Than Dirt Place (also known as Joe’s Place) is a bar that opened in 1937. Due to its long operation time, the bar has had several regulars come to it. Since the 1980s, the bar has put up plaques…

Hebron Lane Cemetery

Location: Louisville, Kentucky, USA Built: Unknown Status: Still standing History: It is said that on moonlit nights, you can see the “ghost of Hebron Lane”, an elderly woman who walks through the cemetery carrying a lantern. She is seen wearing a long dress, an apron, and a scarf on her head. The story goes that…

Harvey Browny Church

Location: Louisville, Kentucky, USABuilt: UnknownOperation Time: ? – PresentType: ChristianStatus: Open History: There have been several strange occurrences at the Harvey Browny Church that occur nightly. At around 5:00 PM, a presence can be felt in the largest chapel. From 7:00 PM to 9:30 Pm, the sound of footsteps, scuffing feet, and knocking on doors can…

Cherokee Cemetery

Location: Louisville, Kentucky, USA Built: Unknown Status: Still standing History: The Cherokee Cemetery has had several reports of flashing lights emanating from it. The sound of a man screaming can be heard. On many accounts, people have said they were chased by an unseen entity. External Links: Cherokee Cemetery – Forgotten USA

Cave Hill

Location: Louisville, Kentucky, USA Built: 1848 Status: Still standing History: Visitors of Cave Hill have witnessed strange green orb-shaped lights floating around the cemetery. Odd noises have been heard in the area as well, and many gravestones have been seen mysteriously falling down as if some unseen force was pushing them. It is said that…

The Insane Asylum in Dunwoody, Georgia

The insane asylum in Dunwoody, Georgia is haunted by the patients who were abused there. Paranormal activity includes a cool breeze coming through a room without windows, ghosts of dead bodies lying in the morgue trays in the basement’s morgue, feeling presences behind you,  and footsteps descending the stairs. Rumor has it that the hospital was torn down and turned into a skate park, but it is unconfirmed.

Fredonia State College

Location: Fredonia, New York, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: College Status: Open History: The Fredonia State College, which is located in Fredonia, New York, is a college that houses both the living and the dead. Years ago, one of its students, James “Jimmy” Robert Igoe, drowned during a fishing trip to Lake Erie….

The Insane Asylum in Raytown, Missouri

The insane asylum used to have claims of disembodied footsteps, moaning, and mysterious blood on the floor. One of the ghosts believed to haunt the hospital is an elderly man. The Raytown insane asylum has since burned down.

Lawang Sewu

Location: Semarang, Indonesia, Asia Status: Still standing History: Lawang Sewu, which means “one thousand doors” in Indonesian, literally has 1,000 doors. Built during the 18th century and left over from the Netherlands Colonialism, it features Netherlands-style architecture. In addition to the terrifying sensation of getting lost in such a large building, there is also a paranormal…

Matt’s Bridge

Location: Viola, Iowa, USA Built: Unknown Status: Open History It is believed that if you drive onto Matt’s Bridge and you park it/shut it off in the middle of the bridge, you will be pushed by the ghosts of those who have died on the bridge or near it. Those who have experienced this have reported seeing things and…