The Hill School Chapel

Built during the late 1800s, the Hill School Chapel was a gift from the alumni of the exclusive boarding school. John Meigs, the one of the school’s first headmasters, was suffering from severe depression, and he hung himself from a light inside of the chapel. Due to the fact his suicide was such a sin, Meigs could not be buried on holy ground; instead, he is buried outside the side doors of the chapel.

Old First Baptist Church in Collinsville, Illinois

During World War I, a German janitor was locked up in the First Baptist Church’s basement, and then the building was set ablaze, as many Americans were against any Germans in the United States because of the war. Eventually, the church was rebuilt, the original basement left intact.

The Church of God’s Word

The Church of God’s Word is haunted by unknown spirits. No matter what time of the day it is, shadows of people can be seen along the walls even when no one is walking by.