Vineland Road

Down Vineland Road sits a house once belonging to a man who owned slaves. Whether you venture down the road day or night, it is said you can hear voices and see lights if you enter the house. Currently, the house is in poor condition, and is very dangerous to enter. Additionally, it is believed that if you pull your car up between or past columns entering the driveway, you will be unable to leave.

Coon Creek Bridge

The Coon Creek Bridge is haunted by the ghost of a young girl who has been seen wandering through the woods east of the bridge. There are no known incidents involving the death of anyone on or near the bridge, making the girl’s apparition’s purpose unknown. Most of her sightings are reported shortly before sunrise.

Thomas Drive Vacant Lot

The empty lot on Thomas Drive is haunted by the spirits of five or six African American men performing different activities varying from tending to a garden that is no longer there or joining in on New Year’s Eve celebrations. The sound of dogs whining and barking can also be heard here.

House Off Highway 431

The area off of Highway 431 is believed to be haunted by one of the first owners of the section. He was killed while plowing his garden with a tractor that overturned onto him, goring him. It was not long after that the man’s wife began to hear banging noises through out the house, which she later sold.

Archer Avenue

Archer Avenue (also called Archer Road) is located outside of the Chicago, Illinois city limits that runs between Chicago’s Chinatown and Lockport, Illinois. It was named for William Beatty Archer, the first commissioner of the Illinois and Michigan Canal. A map of Chicago from around 1830 listed the road that later became Archer Avenue as “The Road to Widow Brown’s”.

Hicks Road

Roughly ten years ago, a biker died on Hicks Road in an accident. He now haunts it, and his ghost is seen in a trench coat riding his bike, which has no wheels. It is also said you cannot see the man’s face, and you can only see him in your car’s mirrors.

Interstate 65

Interstate 65 was built over sacred Creek Native American burial grounds, and the hills surrounding Evergreen are still spiritual homes for the nation. The land was so loved by the Creek nation that during the 1830s when they were being relocated, they said good-bye to each tree and hill.

Highway 11 in Decatur, Alabama

In September, 1934, Lonnie Stephens was falsely accused of murdering his girlfriend. It was not until after Stephens’ death that the real killer had confessed. After escaping a chain gang, Stephens attempted to get a ride hitchhiking when he was struck and killed by a car. Now, his ghost can be seen in the middle of the road, trying to flag a car down for a ride. His arms can be seen out-stretched, and cars often pass through him, much to the driver’s shock.

Sugar Shack Road

Near one hundred years ago, there was a woman who lived near the road on her own for several years. The townspeople accused her and two others of witchcraft, and the three were hung with chains. Now, every Halloween at midnight, you can hear the sound of chains being dragged across the top of the car when you drive beneath the branches of the tree in which they were hanged from.

Puttygut Bridge

Puttygut Bridge was the site of a fatal accident several years ago. A man was driving his truck drunk drove off the bridge, which was flooded at the time. The man and his truck were never found.

Mitchell Hill Road

Mitchell Hill Road is located directly off of Mount Holley Road. At the top of the road, there is a cemetery that holds the body who died on the road. As legend states, the girl was on her way to the prom when she and her boyfriend crashed the car at the bottom hill and died in the accident. Those who drive by the cemetery have seen her in her prom dress at the top of the hill.

Loroe Lane

An elderly woman was killed by a coyote in the woods across from Loroe Lane. Those who live along the road have witnessed her spirit at night watching them. She accompanies young children in the dark in order to protect them, and she is known as the “Antioch Deathkiller”, since she prevents death.