Hope Hill Cemetery (The Dollhouse Grave)

Hope Hill Cemetery, located between Milan and Medina in Gibson County, Tennessee, is home to the spirit of a young girl who died under controversial and shady circumstances in 1931. In some sources, the five-year-old Dorothy Marie Harvey was said to have perished to natural causes, while others offer a much more sinister tale of her being raped and beaten to death by her uncle. Another version state she was killed by a piano dropped by the mover that her parents hired. In any case, her family built a dollhouse over her grave after she was buried since it was her favorite place to play (the original has had to be rebuilt several times due to vandals; it is now maintained by family members).

Camp Lulu

Camp Lulu in Brownsville, Texas was opened as a summer camp for young children. However, the nice getaway quickly turned sour after a counselor went insane and proceeded to rape and kill the girls. Now, the sounds of girls crying can be heard at night. The property owner works to preserve the souls of the young girls and shoots at anyone who trespasses.

Tao Dan Public Park

Tao Dan Public Park is said to be haunted by the apparition of a young man who floats through the park trying to find someone. Close to a decade ago, he and his girlfriend were attacked while enjoying their privacy at the park.

Bon View Park

A little girl who was seven or eight years old was raped and murdered in the Bon View Park several years ago. People who visit the park after 10:00 PM have seen her spirit here, hiding behind the trees and wanting to play hide-and-seek. Not much about her identity is known, other than her age and cause of death.

Jembatan Ancol Bridge

A young woman was raped and killed on the Jembatan Ancol Bridge. People in the area have reported seeing her apparition at night, most likely as a result of her not being able to cross over.

Anniston High School

The legend of the haunting of Anniston High School’s girls’ locker room is widespread throughout the school. The older high schoolers try to scare the freshmen with the story, warning them never to go into the locker room by themselves. While this legend varies from person to person, the main points are always the same.

The story goes: It is said that a girl was late to get changed, and she happened to leave a valuable item behind in the locker room. She decided to go back and get it while a friend held the bus for her. An unknown man then tried to rape and kill her in the locker room. Instead, he was the one who ended up getting killed.

The true story goes: In 2001, a girl (whose name is unknown) was usually the first one to change for P.E., and the first one to leave and change back. It was the last period of the day, and she was hurrying so she wouldn’t miss the bus. Both she and her best friend were running late, which left them two minutes instead of the normal five to get changed.

They quickly realized that the first busses would be coming soon, and they didn’t want to be left behind. They finished getting dressed and hurried to get out to the gym where all of the other students were sitting and waiting. As soon as the bell rang, the girl remembered she had left her purse in her locker, and she didn’t want to risk leaving it since it held all of her money.

The girl’s friend offered to go with her, but she said to catch the bus and tell the bus driver to hold it for her until she got on. The girl ran to the locker room to retrieve her purse while he friend went to catch the bus. Just when the girl got her purse and close the locker door, she heard someone entering the area. Thinking it was her coach, she called out “Coach! Coach! It’s me, I left my purse. Please don’t lock the door just yet!”.

However, she did not get an answer and only heard footsteps that seemed to be approaching. As they drew nearer, she grew more and more frightened. The girl heard breathing so loud it was as if someone was right next to her ear. Panicked, she quickly let go of her purse and tried to run away, but was grabbed from the back by a large, strong man.

It became difficult for her to kick and scream. He ripped off her clothing. When she continued to scream, the man tried to strangle her and tell her to shut up so he wouldn’t get caught. The girl kept fighting back and screaming, but her throat was closed from being strangled.

In one last desperate attempt, she pulled down a few lockers on top of the attacker, and he was killed. The girl ran out of the locker rooms to the bus stop, only to find that the bus was not there since she had taken too long. She proceeded to call her mom to tell her to come to get her after telling her the frightening story. Her mother called the police.

When the scene was investigated, they only found the fallen lockers, the purse, and a large pool of blood, but the body was never found. Stunned, the girl was certain the man was dead. The amount of blood suggested that he was surely dead due to the amount lost.

The family moved, as she had too much fear to go back to the site where she had been raped and strangled. Although the man was never found, it is said that his ghost still lurks in the locker rooms waiting for a lone girl to get revenge on. A lot of students didn’t believe the ghost portion of the story until an eerily similar occurrence happened when a girl in the band was getting dressed to play at a football game.

The girl was alone, as she was accidentally forgotten in the locker room. The band played all night without noticing she wasn’t there. After the game, they found her in the parking lot crying, and she wouldn’t tell why. She appeared to have been strangled, and her clothes were ripped off and covered in blood. Like the last girl, she moved away, but she never told her story.

Now, many of the girls in the locker room have experienced the sound of encroaching footsteps when no one is walking, lockers closing on their own, and creaking doors. Cold spots have been reported, as well as loud breathing up until you turn around and try to find the source.

Blockbuster in Anniston, Alabama

During the late 1960s, when the site was a gas station, a woman was raped and murdered on the location. Her body was found on the right side of the station. For a while, the killer remained unknown until he was connected to other murders. He died in prison while serving a life sentence.

Eventually, the station was turned into a Blockbuster video store. One day, it was robbed, and two of the employees and two customers, brothers, were killed. The murderer was caught, but the Blockbuster was shut down as a result. In June 2008, the building was partially demolished and remodelled, becoming a small doctors’ office. The families of the murdered men often visit the site, leaving four crosses as memorials to them.