Dead Children’s Playground

Location: Huntsville, Alabama, USA Founded: Unknown Type: Playground Status: Open History The Maple Hill Cemetery, founded in 1822, is Alabama’s oldest and largest cemetery. The Dead Children’s Playground is located within the cemetery limits, found in a cove surrounded by a rock cliff on three sides and paths through the woods. The spirits of dead children from the…

Canon City Prison Museum

Location: Canon City, Colorado, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – ? Type: Prison Museum Status: Open History: The Prison Museum was one of the first museums to open in Canon City, Colorado. Formerly a prison, the cells are still intact within the museum’s walls. In the old laundry room, there are several cold spots and…

Dye Family Cemetery

Location: Swords Creek, Virginia, USA Built: Unknown Status: Still standing History: The Dye Family Cemetery has had several reports of orbs floating throughout the area. Being privately owned, you must obtain permission before going into the cemetery. External Links: Dye Family Cemetery – Forgotten USA

Katie’s Church

Location: White Hall, Pennsylvania, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – ? Type: Christian Status: Closed History: Katie’s Church in White Hall, Pennsylvania is home to strange noises, orbs, and light without any apparent sources. There is rumor that blood flows out of the boarded windows. The church, which is currently out of use, remains intact….

Shad Pond Factory Ruins

Location: Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – ? Manufactures: Unknown Status: In ruins History: The ruins of the Shad Pond Factory harbor odd spiritual activity. A man in dark clothing has been seen walking throughout the remains of the old factory. White light orbs have been seen wandering through the woods. People who…

Bishop’s Graveyard

It is unknown who is the ghost that haunts Bishop’s Graveyard in Guntersville, Alabama. One witness captured photographs that contained odd mists and orbs that couldn’t be explained other than the paranormal.

Bethlehem Methodist Church

While it is unknown why the Bethlehem Methodist Church is haunted, it is known that there have been a number of paranormal happenings there. It has been reported that if you drive around the church three times and turn off your lights, the church’s blinds will rise up by themselves. The cemetery near the church has been the site of a yellow orb of light that floats through the air and across McElderry Road.