Abandoned Ovaltine Factory

The Ovaltine Factory was abandoned some time during the 20th century (most likely during the 1960s). In the late 70s and early 80s, the factory had become a popular hangout for teenagers looking to party. During this time, it was also used by the homeless and satanic worship rituals for occult groups.

Tucker Cemetery

Legend has it that an old man named Tucker lost his sanity one day during the late 1800s and killed his family (his wife, his children, and his mother). He then buried their bodies in the cellar beneath the house. Eventually, he took his own life. After his death, the property was turned into a cemetery, but the house remained.

Bass Cemetery

Bass Cemetery, a graveyard a bit over 200 years old, is a Civil War soldier and slave cemetery. When a rise in animal remains began to pop up, reports of Occult activities followed. A bodied had been removed from its coffin by one of the occult members. The cemetery has been known to have apparitions, the feeling of being watched or followed, and disembodied screaming.