Hicks Road

Roughly ten years ago, a biker died on Hicks Road in an accident. He now haunts it, and his ghost is seen in a trench coat riding his bike, which has no wheels. It is also said you cannot see the man’s face, and you can only see him in your car’s mirrors.

Interstate 65

Interstate 65 was built over sacred Creek Native American burial grounds, and the hills surrounding Evergreen are still spiritual homes for the nation. The land was so loved by the Creek nation that during the 1830s when they were being relocated, they said good-bye to each tree and hill.

San Gabriel Valley

The San Gabriel Valley in California is haunted by the ghost of a Native American man who is regularly sighted in the backyards, bedrooms, and living rooms of houses in the area. Though his apparition only lasts but a few seconds until he disappears, seeing him lasts a lifetime.

Bear Butte State Park

The Bear Butte State park features an oddly shaped mountain that has served as a sacred place for Native Americans for thousands of years. The mountain, standing 400 feet tall and 4,422 feet wide, looks like a massive sleeping bear, hence the name “Bear Butte”.

Badlands National Park

The Badlands National Park was the site of the Native American Ghost Dance, a sacred ceremony that lasted for several days meant to instill the tribe members with the powerful spirit energy. The United States Cavalry wanted to stop the ceremonies at once, and their attempts to try and end them built up to the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890.

Eagle Creek

The ghosts of Native Americans have been sighted next to Eagle Creek in Arlington, Washington. A trail in a mobile home park has been known to cause people to get confused and lost, and they generally end up miles away.