Xinhai Tunnel

The Xinghai Tunnel connects central Taipei to the outer Taipei city of Muja. Built atop a hill that serves as a large cemetery, it is no wonder the tunnel is haunted. Those driving through the tunnel experience a gue dong chiang, a Chinese term for a phenomena that makes it seems as if you are trapped in a place and cannot get out of it. In the tunnel, drivers can see the end, but they can’t reach it no matter how fast they drive towards it.

The apparition of an elderly woman is often seen dusting and cleaning the road midway through the tunnel. Even despite the honking of drivers, she never stops cleaning and she refuses to move out of the way. However, when the car comes within a few feet away from her, she disappears.

The Globe

The Globe, the local newspaper office of Atchison, Kansas, is believed to be haunted by the ghost of an editor who died to under unusual circumstances. Editors who work late have seen and heard the back door open and close by itself.

Old Corn Field in Augusta, Kansas

Location: Augusta, Kansas, USA Status: Still Standing History: The old corn field in Augusta, Kansas is home to odd paranormal activity with no known source. If you were to park your car at the stop sign along the dirt road just beyond the railroad tracks at night and sit in your car with the lights turned…

Carnegie Center for the Arts

Location: Dodge City, Kansas, USA Status: Open History: The Carnegie Center for the Arts used to be the city library nearly a century ago in 1907. Currently, it is run by the Dodge City Area Arts Council, and operates as a public art gallery. It is haunted by unknown spirits. External Links: Carnegie Center for the…

The Anson Light

Location: Abilene, Texas, USA Status: Still Occurs History: The Anson Light is a single bluish colored light. It is said that if you try to drive towards it, it disappears. The light is believed to be the spirit of a mother who was watching over her children when she died. Locals say you should flash your…

The Trails of West Frisco Community

Location: Frisco, Texas, USA Built: Late 1990s Status: Still standing History The Trails of West Frisco Community in Frisco, Texas were established during the late 1990s, built over an old settler cemetery. Now, the area’s residents experience paranormal occurrences such as crying babies, apparitions of settlers roaming the halls of their homes, and pictures falling off walls…

The Witch’s Gate

Location: Wichita Falls, Texas, USA Status: Open History: During the 1950s, a rich family resided in a mansion just beyond the Witch’s Gate. One night, a group of three men broke in and stole some of their jewelry. In the process, however, they caught the house on fire. The father of the family stopped the men,…

Girl Scout Camp in Pevely, Missouri

Location: Pevely, Missouri, USA Status: Open History: Several years ago, the camp was subject to a terrible storm. One of the girls left to take a shower in one of the facilities about six or seven yards from the tents, and she refused to use the buddy system. Even despite having been told to wait until…

Pioneer Plaza

Location: Honolulu, Oahu, USA Status: Open History: On the 19th floor of the building in Pioneer Plaza, a woman was murdered. Now, her shadowy figure can be seen walking along the halls, most likely looking for her killer. External Links: Pioneer Plaza – Forgotten USA

Down from the Exxon Station

Location: Albertville, Alabama, USA Status: Still occurring History: Every night, the sound of mumbling and rumbling rocks and pebbles can be heard. There are also shadow people that have been seen walking around. External Links: Down from the Exxon Station – Forgotten USA

The Paulding Light

Location: Paulding, Michigan, USA Status: Still occurring History: In the valley just outside of Paulding, Michigan, there is a light that appears that is known as the Paulding Light. The first recorded sighting of the light was in 1966. A group of teenagers witnessed it and reported it to the sheriff. Several other people have seen the…

Central State

Location: Louisville, Kentucky, USA Status: Still standing History: There have been several sightings of a ghostly man riding on a tall black horse through the area. While his back story is unknown, he has appeared several times in Central State. External Links: Central State – Forgotten USA