Katie’s Church

Location: White Hall, Pennsylvania, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – ? Type: Christian Status: Closed History: Katie’s Church in White Hall, Pennsylvania is home to strange noises, orbs, and light without any apparent sources. There is rumor that blood flows out of the boarded windows. The church, which is currently out of use, remains intact….

Cave Hill

Location: Louisville, Kentucky, USA Built: 1848 Status: Still standing History: Visitors of Cave Hill have witnessed strange green orb-shaped lights floating around the cemetery. Odd noises have been heard in the area as well, and many gravestones have been seen mysteriously falling down as if some unseen force was pushing them. It is said that…

Bridge in Refuge

The bridge in Refuge, Alabama is a one-lane crossing that is considered to be in the “middle of nowhere”. If visited at night, odd sounds can be heard and strange light orbs can be seen. People have reported that when you get out of your car, you’ll be chased by a dark entity and feel an evil presence.

Bethlehem Methodist Church

While it is unknown why the Bethlehem Methodist Church is haunted, it is known that there have been a number of paranormal happenings there. It has been reported that if you drive around the church three times and turn off your lights, the church’s blinds will rise up by themselves. The cemetery near the church has been the site of a yellow orb of light that floats through the air and across McElderry Road.