Grancer Harrison’s Dance Hall

Grancer Harrison’s Dance Hall, owned by Grancer Harrison and located near the Harrison Cemetery, has had the sound of dancing and music even though the site has been abandoned for years. It is believed to be haunted by the hall’s owner, and there are rumors that the hall has been demolished.

Harrison Cemetery

The ghost of William “Grancer” Harrison (1789-1860) is believed to haunt the Harrison Cemetery (which was named for him), and has been the subject of many ghost stories. He has been seen dancing by his gravesite. During his life, Grancer was a successful cotton planter and businessman and was rumored to have the largest number of slaves in the county.

Harrison’s slaves had nicknamed him “Grand-sir”, but it was shortened to “Grancer” over time. After years of success, Grancer was faced with the fact that he wouldn’t be alive forever, and he decided to begin preparing his funeral and final arrangements. Slaves began to work on a large ground tomb that he wanted to be buried in. He had requested that he be buried in his dancing clothes and clogs on.

The tomb was built within earshot of the dance hall that he had loved so much, and he wanted to be a part o it even after death. Harrison died in 1860, and his burial wishes were carried out exactly to his specification. While the Saturday night dances continued for a while, they crumbled to ruin without Harrison to lead them.

People began to hear eerie sounds of fiddling and dancing coming from the cemetery on Saturday nights. Stories of hearing a man’s voice calling out square dances began to spread. The spirit is believed to be William “Grancer” Harrison, a benign ghost.