The Lighthouse Inn

The Lighthouse Inn in New London, Connecticut is said to be haunted by a bride who met her untimely end in 1930 when she took a fall down the main staircase, breaking her neck. Reported activity includes being touched by an unseen entity and drops in temperature.

Grant Corner Inn

The Grant Corner Inn located in Santa Fe, New Mexico was built in 1905. Rooms 4, 8, and the hallway on the second floor are the main areas that have paranormal activity. Known happenings include footsteps, slamming doors, and the apparition of a grayish man.

Buma Inn

Years ago, a murder-suicide involving a guest and a chef took place at the Buma Inn in Beijing, China. The chef had poisoned one guest’s meal for no real reason, then stabbed himself. The ghost of the guest haunts the inn in search of his killer. Most activity occurs at night.

Mission Inn

The Mission Inn is a fancy hotel located in Riverside, California. Being an older hotel, it has been described as “spooky” by those who have visited and seen it. Featuring an Olympic-sized pool and a fitness center for visitors, it entertains more than just the living.

Blue Coat Inn

The Blue Coat Inn is believed to have been built some time during the 1770s. The inn is haunted by two men from the Revolutionary War; one of them, an elderly man, is thought to be Colonel John Haslett, while the other is a drummer boy under his command.

Addy-Sea Inn

Addy Sea Inn is a quaint bed and breakfast built with thirteen rooms in 1902 by John M. Addy. John’s rambunctious son, Kurty, was on the roof one way when he slipped and fell to his death. Disembodied footsteps can be heard shuffling across the top of the building. A number of other spirits reside in the building. The copper bathtub in Room 1 is known to shake or vibrate vigorously for no apparent reason. Eerie organ music plays in Room 6 though no one is playing the instrument. Paul Dulaney, a famous swimmer who worked as the Addy family handyman, haunts Room 11 the third floor. Other odd happenings include a spirit who runs through the hallways at night, the mysterious smell of perfume, and strange music with no apparent source.

Keag Inn

Keag Inn was built in 1854 in Tenants Harbor, Maine. Now, the manager, Tom Kierstead, says that both employees and guests have felt the presence of a man that is believed to be the former owner on the second floor. They have seen shadowy manifestations with no source.