Rocky Mountain High School

Location: Byron, Wyoming, USA Built: c. 1800s Operation Time: 1800s – Present Type: High School Status: Open History Rocky Mountain High School harbors a rumor that someone hung themselves within the walls of the high school. An apparition can be seen near the school library, and the sound of typing can be heard coming from the typing room. There are sounds…

Kendrick Mansion

Location: Sheridan, Wyoming, USA Built: Unknown Status: Still standing History: Kendrick Mansion features night surveillance in order to keep living trespassers away. However, the cameras have captured some ghostly intruders who roam the rooms and halls. When a police officer goes to investigate, the apparition disappears. However, the spirit remains on the camera even though the…

Burns High School

Location: Burns, Wyoming, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: University Status: Open History: The Burns High School’s library is haunted by unknown ghosts who shake the walls and shelves, throwing the books to the ground. External Links: Burns High School – Forgotten USA

Arapahoe Middle School

Location: Arapahoe, Wyoming, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: Middle School Status: Open History: Cooks at the Arapahoe Middle School’s cafeteria have been witness to most of the paranormal activity that happens around the area. Items have been thrown around, sounds have been heard coming from the basement, and conversations between invisible people occur…

University of Wyoming

Location: Albany, Wyoming, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: University Status: Open History: The University of Wyoming’s Knight Hall is haunted by unknown spirits who wail at night. In the southern end of the west wing, a young Native American girl has been seen sitting down, only to disappear. Ghost faces can be seen in the…

Laramie Town Square

One building in Laramie’s town square is haunted by the sounds of a piano playing when no one is even in the room. Running can be heard in empty halls. Those who stand near the stairs have reported being pushed down by unseen entities.

Coe Medical Center

Location: Cody, Wyoming, USA Built: Unknown Operating Time: ? – ? Status: Still standing History: Coe Medical Center in Cody, Wyoming is haunted by the spirits of two nuns who have been seen floating down the halls. Weird noises have been reported coming from the center as well. External Links: Coe Medical Center – Forgotten USA