Camp Lulu

Camp Lulu in Brownsville, Texas was opened as a summer camp for young children. However, the nice getaway quickly turned sour after a counselor went insane and proceeded to rape and kill the girls. Now, the sounds of girls crying can be heard at night. The property owner works to preserve the souls of the young girls and shoots at anyone who trespasses.

Old San Benito High School

The San Benito High School is currently abandoned, and it is haunted by the spirit of a little girl who wanders through the school’s halls. The sounds of screaming and crying have been heard as well. During World War II, the school was converted into a hospital for the injured.

The Anson Light

The Anson Light is a single bluish colored light. It is said that if you try to drive towards it, it disappears. The light is believed to be the spirit of a mother who was watching over her children when she died. Locals say you should flash your headlights three times, as she would flash her lantern at them and they would flash their back in order to let her know they were coming.

The Trails of West Frisco Community

The Trails of West Frisco Community in Frisco, Texas were established during the late 1990s, built over an old settler cemetery. Now, the area’s residents experience paranormal occurrences such as crying babies, apparitions of settlers roaming the halls of their homes, and pictures falling off walls by themselves. Every year in early February, a faint apparition appears and floats through the entire West Frisco neighborhood.

The Witch’s Gate

During the 1950s, a rich family resided in a mansion just beyond the Witch’s Gate. One night, a group of three men broke in and stole some of their jewelry. In the process, however, they caught the house on fire. The father of the family stopped the men, and each of the three were burned. Roughly a decade ago, there were reporters that went to the gate and they never returned.

Lon Morris College

The Craven-Wilson Dorm of Lon Morris College is believed to be haunted by a female spirit who resides with whoever is living in the dorm at the time. Her identity is believed to be former dorm director Ms. Brown who lost her life to cancer before her term was over; she is believed to haunt the place in order to complete her rightful term.

Old Caddo Indian Museum

The Old Caddo Indian Museum has been out of operation for several years, but the building still remains. Among some of the artifacts were items found at burial sites in East Texas. Many of the museum’s visitors claim to have seen the ghost of a little girl standing alongside the road or next to the museum at night. She is believed to be a young Native American girl who was killed from a head injury. For many years, her skeleton was put on display in a glass case at the museum. While driving along the street in front of the museum, you can hear peculiar noises coming from the area.

U.S. Army Medical Training Center

The U.S. Army Medical Training Center’s Service Club Number Two is haunted by a spirit with a playful nature. Ever since 1960, the building’s employees and guests have reported an unseen entity clearing its throat. The ghost has also been known to open and close windows, play with typewriters, and play solitary Ping-Pong.

Fort Lipantitlan State Historic Site

Fort Lipantitlan was used by the Mexicans during the early- and mid-1800s. The fort is haunted by “the Lady in Green”, the wife of Marcelino Garcia. After being wounded during a battle with the Texans, Garcia laid dying in bed, only to see the ghost of his wife at his bedside for several days, even though she was alive, living in Mexico City.

Fort Davis National Historic Site

Fort Davis was used as a Confederate fort in 1861 during the Civil War. During this time, a woman named Alice Walpole stopped by the area to search for roses along Limpia Creek when she was abducted by members of the Apache tribe. Though her body was never found, her spirit began to appear in the area, indicating she had been killed.

Fort Clark

The area surrounding Fort Clark has had reports of a ghostly woman asking for a ride. She touches the driver, then disappears. Her identity has remained unknown for decades.

Cooper’s Crossing

Cooper’s Crossing in China Spring, Texas is known for giving off a strong feeling of being watched, and it is said that the closer you get to the river, the stronger the feeling gets. Many visitors of the creek have said they have felt a human form brush up against them, even despite the fact they were alone and saw no one.