Prior to operating under the name “SOAARR,” the facility served as a rehabilitation camp for teenagers and adolescents struggling with substance abuse. Today, the site is abandoned and harbors an apparition who runs past the window. The identity of the spirit remains a mystery. Inside the building, visitors reported experiencing cold spots.

Jessie Creek Cemetery

Currently abandoned and overrun with plant growth, the Jessie Creek Cemetery is located near the Circle Mountain and infamous Haunted Hill just outside Bartlesville, Oklahoma. It resides in an open field near a small defunct lawn-and-landscape business. Due to the obscuring vegetation, the cemetery is difficult to spot when driving past it. Those who do manage to visit report having technical problems with their digital cameras, possibly because of ethereal activity.

Mission Bottom

Location: Wetumka, Oklahoma, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – ? Type: Unknown Status: Closed History: Mission Bottom, an old Native American school, was built along the outskirts of Wetumka, Oklahoma. Around 12:00 AM every night, a mysterious light navigates the top floor; the light could not be humanly produced, as the second floor was demolished several years ago….

Undisclosed Residence in Ponca, Oklahoma

Location: Ponca, Oklahoma, USA Built: Unknown Status: Residence History: The undisclosed residence in Ponca, Oklahoma was haunted by Wild West mayor J.W. Lynch and a young boy named Joseph. Tonya Kimble, her two daughters, Hailey (age 15) and KK (age 9), and her boyfriend, Sergio Gonzales, began looking for a place to live in 2011. After moving…

Indian Reservation Elementary School

Location: El, Oklahoma, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – ? Type: Elementary Status: Burned Down History: The Indian Reservation Elementary School burned down a few years ago, killing a small group of teachers and children. Now, objects can be seen moving by the remains of the school. Laughing children can be heard as if they are still playing. In the gym,…

Nazi POW Camp

Location: Broken, Oklahoma, USA Built: c. 1940s Operation Time: c. 1940s – c. 1946 Type: Prisoner of War (POW) Camp Security: High Status: Closed History: It is believed that during the 1940s, there was a Nazi Prisoner of War Camp located just north of the Arkansas River in Broken, Oklahoma. Now, those who visit the place…

Tucker Cemetery

Location: Comanche, Oklahoma, USA Built: Unknown Status: Still standing History: Legend has it that an old man named Tucker lost his sanity one day during the late 1800s and killed his family (his wife, his children, and his mother). He then buried their bodies in the cellar beneath the house. Eventually, he took his own life….

Bessie Gym

During the 19th or early 20th century, the Bessie Gym was used as a morgue. It is believed to be haunted by the old caretaker, who has been seen wearing a long black trench coat, a top hat, and a long, brown beard. There have also been a number of cold spots in the building.

Old Insane Asylum in Clinton, Oklahoma

Location: Clinton, Oklahoma, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – ? Type: Not Kirkbride Plan Status: Demolished (turned into VA center) History The Clinton Insane Asylum has had reports of strange lights at night and a woman standing in the window. It is believed that if you turn your car off, it will have trouble starting back up. Not…

Binger School

Location: Binger, Oklahoma, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – ? Type: Elementary School Status: Still standing History The voices of children laughing, talking, and playing can be heard coming from Binger School’s gym at night, when no children are at the school. The sound of footsteps and talking has been known to occur in the…

Short Grass Playhouse and Fire Department

There have been several reports of ghost of a man with a half-burned face, likely a firefighter who died in action. In the Short Grass Playhouse, there is a painting of a girl that refuses to be painted over. Several people have tried to cover it up, yet it keeps reappearing. There are several tales of ghost lore surrounding these locations.