Granity Hotel

The Granity Hotel is located in the small town of Granity, New Zealand, but it made a good place for the coal-miners to stay during the 1890s. A fire broke out in Room 16, killing six people, including one young man who now haunts the place. His glowing figure has been seen standing by the doorway, then it disappears back into the room.

Larnach Castle

William Larnach (the house’s namesake and a prominent entrepreneur and politician) built a large home on the Dunedin Peninsula between 1871 and 1887. His architect was R.A. Lawson, who built several other buildings in Dunedin. The building resulted with 43 rooms, a ballroom, and a staff of 46 servants. William’s daughter, Kate, was given the ballroom for her 21st birthday in 1887. However, tragedy struck when she died of typhoid at age 26. Her ghost, along with William’s first wife, Eliza, still haunt the ballroom.

Wellington Opera House

Construction on the Wellington Opera House started in 1911, designed by William Pitt and Albert Liddy. It was named the Grand Opera House at the time, and was made out of brick with wooden floors. The theater was restored in 1977 in order to make it safer and nicer looking.