San Fernando de Omoa Fort

Omoa, Honduras BUILT: 1777 OPERATION TIME: 1777 to Present STATUS: Open History Built in 1777, the San Fernando de Omoa Fort was used to fortify the coast and silver mines from the constant attacks from British pirates. Paranormal activity has occurred for over the last century, and locals claim that the sound of cannons firing can be…

Fort Dodge

Fort Dodge is currently used as a retirement home for veterans. One building at the fort is the home of many spirits who are assumed to be soldiers.

Fort Jefferson

Fort Jefferson (named for President Thomas Jefferson) began construction in 1846. The already existing lighthouse on the island remained with in the fort’s walls up until it was demolished in 1877. A massive design, the fort featured two sides that measured 325 ft. and two walls that measured 477 ft. Heavy guns were mounted onto the sides of Fort Jefferson’s walls.

The Alamo

The Alamo was built in 1718 under the name San Antonio de Valero. The mission has had a haunted history ever since it was built. On March 6th, 1836, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and his forces overtook the Alamo, killing all of the Texans who were fighting there.

U.S. Naval Weapons Station

The U.S. Navy Weapons Station patrolmen have experienced odd paranormal happenings, such as the sounds of struggling horses and screaming women. Over a century ago, the Virginian Governor Edward Digges’ daughter and her friends were coming back from Yorktown when tragedy struck. The carriage they were riding in ran off Old Williamsburg Road and into the Black Swamp, and within a matter of minutes, everything sunk beneath the muddy surface, causing the horses and women to drown in its dirty depths.

U.S. Army Medical Training Center

The U.S. Army Medical Training Center’s Service Club Number Two is haunted by a spirit with a playful nature. Ever since 1960, the building’s employees and guests have reported an unseen entity clearing its throat. The ghost has also been known to open and close windows, play with typewriters, and play solitary Ping-Pong.

Fort Lipantitlan State Historic Site

Fort Lipantitlan was used by the Mexicans during the early- and mid-1800s. The fort is haunted by “the Lady in Green”, the wife of Marcelino Garcia. After being wounded during a battle with the Texans, Garcia laid dying in bed, only to see the ghost of his wife at his bedside for several days, even though she was alive, living in Mexico City.

Fort Davis National Historic Site

Fort Davis was used as a Confederate fort in 1861 during the Civil War. During this time, a woman named Alice Walpole stopped by the area to search for roses along Limpia Creek when she was abducted by members of the Apache tribe. Though her body was never found, her spirit began to appear in the area, indicating she had been killed.

Ellsworth Air Force Base

The Ellsworth Air Force Base’s antenna building is haunted by an unknown spirit. Occurrences include lights switching on and off, objects moving on their own, coffee pots unplugging themselves, and strange shadows being cast by what appears to be nothing.

Fort Abercrombie

Fort Abercrombie serves as the residence for ghosts of both soldiers and Native Americans. Established in 1857, it was built to protect the wagon trains that were heading west to California. In 1862, the fort was attacked by the Sioux Nation repeatedly, causing casualties on both sides that resulted in Fort Abercrombie’s hauntings.

Fort Fisher

Confederate General William Whiting was fatally wounded during an attack on Fort Fisher by the Union in 1864. The fort protected the last remaining river route used by blockade runners who supplied the Confederacy with the goods they needed. With the Union taking the stronghold, the war was practically won.

U.S. Military Academy

The U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York is said to be haunted by a number of different ghosts. The Superindent’s House is believed to be haunted by a former maid named Molly, who’s spirit goes room to room to mess up freshly made beds.