Cuba Middle School

The Cuba Middle School’s gym is purportedly haunted by the spirit of a man named Joe Beisly. A former janitor, he fell off of a ladder to his death. His apparition is said to appear if his name is repeated three times.

Arapahoe Middle School

Cooks at the Arapahoe Middle School’s cafeteria have been witness to most of the paranormal activity that happens around the area. Items have been thrown around, sounds have been heard coming from the basement, and conversations between invisible people occur in the gym.

Hanshew Middle School

During the construction of Hanshew Middle School, a little girl was killed by one of the machines. Now she haunts the school by roaming through its halls. She seemingly only comes out during the early morning and late at night.

Excelsior Springs Middle School

A boy named Donny died of carbon monoxide poisoning at the Excelsior Springs Middle School, where he was also buried. It is said that if you walk into the school’s gym at 2:30 (unknown whether it is AM or PM), you will see an apparition of Donny playing his guitar.

North Middle School

The North Middle School is haunted by a girl who drowned in the school’s pool. Not much else is known about the location or haunting.

Banks Middle School

On Halloween, people have reported hearing the classroom intercom on and off by itself, as well as doors slamming shut in the 6th-grade section of the girls’ bathroom. Years ago, a teacher committed suicide by jumping off a fake airplane that sits atop the building shortly after revealing that a disruptive student “drove her crazy”. Her death is believed to be the cause of the hauntings.

Alabama Avenue Middle School

Alabama Avenue Middle School is haunted for unknown reasons. At night, doors are known to slam on their own, accompanied by flickering lights. Students at the school have reported locking their lockers, heaving, and then coming back to find their lockers unlocked. Sounds of children in the halls can be heard even when the building is only open to staff.