Fort William Henry

Fort William Henry is haunted by Tarratine Native American chief Taukolexis who was murdered at the fort by English soldiers. Legend has it that in July, 1696 that the chief poured his soul into the tree that he was to be hanged from. Ever since his execution, he has appeared as a misty white light. Now, both tourists and employees at Fort William Henry have reported odd light that comes from the front gate and moves towards the tree that Taukolexis was hung from.

Riceville, Maine

Riceville was a tannery town that was very successful from 1898 to 1906. In 1900, there were at least 75 people, a school, and the nearest railroad station was located in Costigan. The town was abandoned some time in 1906 after the tannery burnt down, which devastated the town. No one attempted to rebuild it since everyone who lived in Riceville left after the fire.

Boothbay Opera House

The Boothbay Opera House was built in 1894, and it originally served as the Knights of Pythias (a fraternal order connected to the Freemasons) headquarters. Eventually, it was turned into a theater, and it featured plays, movies, and basketball games.

Thornton Academy

At night, when it is past school hours, ghosts of those who have died on campus wander around, looking for victims to scare and/or attempt to kill to bring them to their side. Luckily, no one has ever been killed by one of the spirits of the Thornton Academy. Not much is known about the haunting of the school.

Keag Inn

Keag Inn was built in 1854 in Tenants Harbor, Maine. Now, the manager, Tom Kierstead, says that both employees and guests have felt the presence of a man that is believed to be the former owner on the second floor. They have seen shadowy manifestations with no source.