Sacramento City Library

The Sacramento City Library (also known as Central Branch) was built in 1918 based on designs by Loring P. Rixford. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on July 30th, 1992. The library is haunted by an unseen entity. In the Sacramento Room, the sound of shelving moving, books being pulled out, and rustling Mylar have been heard coming from no apparent source. Books have also been known to disappear and reappear from the shelves. The glass doors close by themselves.

Carnegie Center for the Arts

The Carnegie Center for the Arts used to be the city library nearly a century ago in 1907. Currently, it is run by the Dodge City Area Arts Council, and operates as a public art gallery. It is haunted by unknown spirits.

Houston Public Library

The Houston Public Library in Texas has had ghostly music playing throughout the building at night. The source of the haunting is believed to be the ghost of a former janitor who loved playing his violin whenever he was at the library alone at night.

Albertville Public Library

Prior to its operation as the Albertville Public Library, the site was used as a house but was demolished sometime in 1900. While no one ever died on the site, the former owners of the house haunt the area because they were mad at the people who tore down their home to build a library.

Workers and volunteers at the Albertville Public Library have claimed that the elevator operates by itself with no one inside as well as water turning on and off in an empty bathroom. In most cases, these occurrences happen early in the morning when the first employee comes to work on their own.