Jones Cemetery

The Jones Cemetery is said to have the shadowy apparition of a body hanging from a tree that appears on nights with a full moon. The sound of ghostly hoof beats have been heard.

The Old El Dorado, Kansas Hotel

Built during the 1920s, the hotel featured a basement with a bar that was used illegally for drinking during Prohibition. It also featured a number of showgirls. Currently, the building is used as an apartment building. The halls of the place house shadows, ghosts, and the sound of small children. When no one is in the building, it is dangerous to visit the basement, as dangerous spirits reside there.

Saint Mary’s Church

The Saint Mary’s Church, which is now closed, was the site of a freak accident resulting in a lingering spirit. A nun was walking down a flight of stairs when she tripped and fell to her death. Now, she can be heard moaning at the base of the stairs. When you turn around the corner, her noise-making ceases.

C&H Lanes

The C&H Lanes in Chanute, Kansas served as the home of a freak accident several years ago. One woman went bowling, and her fingers got stuck in the ball as she rolled the ball. With such momentum in her arm, it swung up and hit her skull. She died of her injuries. Now, the lanes are haunted by the woman. Footsteps, the women’s bathroom door shudders, and bowling pins will knock down on their own. Lights have been known to flicker when she is mad.

Dale Apartments

Tenants of the Dale Apartments have reported witnessing shadowy apparitions, disembodied noises and screaming, and doors slamming mysteriously. There is no known cause for the haunting, as no spirits have been identified.

Santa Fe Depot in Dodge City, Kansas

The Santa Fe Depot in Dodge City, Kansas opened in 1898 as a large brick railroad depot taking riders to Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 1993, it became home to the Depot Theater Company, and main building was remodeled into a dinner theater. The western end of the depot is still in use by Amtrak passengers.

Old Corn Field in Augusta, Kansas

The old corn field in Augusta, Kansas is home to odd paranormal activity with no known source. If you were to park your car at the stop sign along the dirt road just beyond the railroad tracks at night and sit in your car with the lights turned off, several reddish-orange lights begin to appear.

Carnegie Center for the Arts

The Carnegie Center for the Arts used to be the city library nearly a century ago in 1907. Currently, it is run by the Dodge City Area Arts Council, and operates as a public art gallery. It is haunted by unknown spirits.

Round Mound Cemetery

The ghost of a witch haunts the Round Mound Cemetery. Oddly, wind never blows in the cemetery, even though it is located on top of a round hill. During the late hours of the night, the dead can be heard screaming from their graves.

Old Dodge City High School

The old Dodge City High School was built sometime during the 1800s. While it is known that the school is haunted by ghosts, the reason for the haunting has been tainted by legends and lies, making it difficult to uncover the history of the paranormal at the school. There are several different spirits that reside at the Dodge City High School, not all of them friendly.

Homestead Country Club

The Homestead Country Club in Fairway, Kansas is haunted by an unidentified spirit. Cold spots are often reported in the restaurant, particularly near one of the tables that doesn’t have any source of a draft nearby. Visitors have also seen tables, chairs, and other furniture move by itself.

Mound View Cemetery

The Mound View Cemetery was used as a spot for Satanic rituals for several years. Rumor has it that Satan comes out from the bushes (located on two sides of the cemetery) at midnight on nights with full-moons or on Halloween night.