McCosh’s Mill

During the 1800s, the owner of McCosh’s Mill caught his wife having an affair, and he murdered both her and her boyfriend. The apparitions of a woman in white have been seen inside the mill, and her lover has been known to roam the surrounding woods. The man is regarded to as an “angry spirit”. The status of the mill is unknown.

Slater Mill

Slater Mill was built in 1793, with the original portion being six bays long and two stories tall. Being modeled after cotton spinning mills found in England, Slater Mill was the first water-powered cotton spinning mill in North America. It utilized the Arkwright system of cotton spinning, which was developed by Richard Arkwright.

Buck Creek Cotton Mill

The Buck Creek Cotton Mill opened for business in 1896. Now in terrible shape, it has been abandoned for years. The interior has blood spots in certain rooms, cold spots, and disturbing noises. It is likely that people died while the mill was in use, causing the paranormal activity.

Gurney Manufacturing Company

Gurney Manufacturing was opened as a cotton and textile mill in 1846. During the 1890s, a ten-year-old boy named Willie Youngblood fell down an elevator shaft to his death from the spinning room on the third floor that he worked at. Oddly, it is his mother that haunts the mill in search of her son. Workers have seen her shadowy apparition patrolling the rows of machines silently without interacting with people.

Abandoned Ovaltine Factory

The Ovaltine Factory was abandoned some time during the 20th century (most likely during the 1960s). In the late 70s and early 80s, the factory had become a popular hangout for teenagers looking to party. During this time, it was also used by the homeless and satanic worship rituals for occult groups.

Shad Pond Factory Ruins

The ruins of the Shad Pond Factory harbor odd spiritual activity. A man in dark clothing has been seen walking throughout the remains of the old factory. White light orbs have been seen wandering through the woods. People who have walked by the ruins feel an odd sense of terror as if someone or something doesn’t want them there.