Rocky Mountain High School

Rocky Mountain High School harbors a rumor that someone hung themselves within the walls of the high school. An apparition can be seen near the school library, and the sound of typing can be heard coming from the typing room. There are sounds of people using the weight room, but when investigated, it turns out it is in fact empty.

Old San Benito High School

The San Benito High School is currently abandoned, and it is haunted by the spirit of a little girl who wanders through the school’s halls. The sounds of screaming and crying have been heard as well. During World War II, the school was converted into a hospital for the injured.

Bellevue East High School

The Bellevue East High School in Bellevue, Nebraska is home to a plethora of paranormal activity. A number of witnesses have added credibility to the story. Doors have been known to spontaneously burst open in the theater and on the second floor. An apparition has been seen on the cat walk. Odd spirit-related images appear in the bathroom mirrors. However, the history of the ghosts is unknown, leaving the identities and the pasts of the spirits left without information.

Wabaunsee High School

Wabaunsee High School in Alma, Kansas is haunted by the spirits of past teachers and students who died during graduation. Most of the paranormal occurrences take place on the third floor, and they have been experienced by teachers and students alike.

Ellis High School

The Ellis High School is haunted by unknown spirits of either students or teachers. Activity includes lockers slamming by themselves, the toilets in the girls’ bathroom flushes by itself, and odd chills.

Old Dodge City High School

The old Dodge City High School was built sometime during the 1800s. While it is known that the school is haunted by ghosts, the reason for the haunting has been tainted by legends and lies, making it difficult to uncover the history of the paranormal at the school. There are several different spirits that reside at the Dodge City High School, not all of them friendly.

Burns High School

The Burns High School’s library is haunted by unknown ghosts who shake the walls and shelves, throwing the books to the ground.

West High School

It is said that the West High School has restless humanoid creatures that wander in the basement, auditorium, and region connecting to the middle school. For some unknown reason, the creatures take their anger out on students and young teachers.

Decatur High School

Both students and teachers alike have reported white moving apparitions, unexplainable sounds, and footsteps in the halls of the Decatur High School. The building was built in 1950, and there are no known deaths in its history. It is unknown why the school is haunted.

Elsberry High School

In 1972, a little girl was accidentally locked up in Elsberry High School, and she was either murdered or killed in an accident. Now, TVs turn on and off by themselves, visitors start to bleed for no reason, and the spirit of a blood-soaked man appearing in the basement. His apparition has suggested that the girl was in fact murdered.

Peoria High School

The Peoria High School’s Performing Arts Center harbors a dark history of death. A student fell off one of the catwalks above the stage. Now, she is heard making noises and has been seen walking around the stage and catwalk. Her appearance matches perfectly to a photograph of a girl nicknamed “Old Main,” a former student.

Stevens High School

The Stevens High School is haunted by a boy nicknamed “Sparky”. He is responsible for lighting up chairs with auras and dropping nails from the cement ceiling, generally in the auditorium stage and the storage closet. The school was built on the site of a house fire that killed both Sparky and his family.