City Municipal Building

Built in 1899, the City Municipal Building was the first territorial court in Alaska, and now serves as the city hall and tourism department. The second floor (currently a museum) has been home to strange noises for decades; no one can seem to pinpoint the cause of the sounds.

Turn Hall

Turn Hall in Adams, Massachusetts is haunted by a number of benign spirits. Inside the hall, there is a gym, a bar, a bowling alley, and an apartment. The residents of the apartment say that they have seen unusual things, including apparitions and objects moving.

Bombay Supreme Court

For whatever reason, there is an angry bilingual ghost who makes his presence known every time there is a murder case being conducted at the Bombay Supreme Court. For over thirty years, he has been known to curse and terrorize those in the court during the case. It is believed that he may have been wrongly accused of murder and was executed.

Brasillia City Hall

The original building for the Brasillia City Hall was formerly used as a morgue that held thousands of dead bodies during its time. It became a city hall later on, but a fire ravaged through the building, and a new one was constructed on the same land.