Old Cemetery Behind the Bethlehem Baptist Church

The old cemetery behind the Bethlehem Baptist Church is filled with hundreds of old graves. The apparitions of the dead have been witnessed wandering through the cemetery at night. The spirit of a horse can be seen in the pasture near the graveyard.

Fort St. Simons

Fort St. Simons is haunted by a ghost capable of speaking Cherokee, German, Latin, and Spanish named Dr. Christian Priber, the self-proclaimed prime minister of the Republic of Paradise. When he arrived on America’s East Coast in 1736, he joined a tribe of Cherokee Native Americans. Eventually, he demanded that all of America’s colonists leave. Priber was arrested for insurgency in 1743, and was sent to Fort St. Simons for imprisonment. He died there years later. Now, his ghost lingers around, talking in several different tongues.

The Old Hospital in Americus, Georgia

The old hospital in Americus, Georgia has been known to have strange lights flashing as well as objects being thrown around. It is believed that the hospital is haunted by the patients who died within its walls.

The Insane Asylum in Dunwoody, Georgia

The insane asylum in Dunwoody, Georgia is haunted by the patients who were abused there. Paranormal activity includes a cool breeze coming through a room without windows, ghosts of dead bodies lying in the morgue trays in the basement’s morgue, feeling presences behind you,  and footsteps descending the stairs. Rumor has it that the hospital was torn down and turned into a skate park, but it is unconfirmed.

Milam House

The Milam House is haunted by the ghost of Dr. Bob Mabry and his adopted mother Mrs. Frances Milam. His presence has been reported in the master bedroom and the office. Mrs. Milam, who is still alive, has received personal messages from her adopted son. Dr. Mabry has warned those who visit the house with messages on their hands saying, “Suicide is not an ending. We still have the same problems, for the soul is eternal.” He warns this because in 1983, he himself committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Christ Church Cemetery

The St. Simons Island Church was founded by ministers John and Charles Wesley, brothers. They came to Georgia from England in 1736 after John was named minister of the new parish of Savannah. Charles was appointed the Secretary of Indian Affairs and Chaplain for General James Oglethorpe. The Wesley brothers founded Frederica the same year.