Beach at Bethany

Bethany Beach is haunted by a ragged-looking military spirit in tattered clothing that roams along a stretch of the shore. Though uncertain, it is believed that the ghost is Eddie “Fast Eddie” Rickenbacker (b. October 8th, 1890), an Air Force/Army hero from World War I who died of pneumonia in Switzerland on July 23rd, 1973.

Fiddler’s Hall

In the late 19th century, two men were engaged in a bitter feud after they began courting the same woman. One man decided to scare the other late at night, hiding in a tree and armed with a fiddle. When the other suitor walked up the path to the house, the man in the tree started to play frightening noises on his instrument. While the prank was indeed successful, the fiddler met his fate after slipping from the tree and breaking his neck. Today, sounds of his phantom fiddling can be heard in the area.

Fort Saulsbury

Location: Slaughter Beach, Delaware, USA Built: 1917 Operation Time: 1917 – 1946 Type: Fort Status: Abandoned History Built in 1917, Fort Saulsbury was used during World War I as a last-resort defense against the German army should they invade. When World War II came around, the fort was used as a POW camp. In 1946, Fort Saulsbury was abandoned, never…

Woodland Beach

Location: Woodland, Kent County, Delaware, USA Discovered: Unknown Type: Beach Status: Still standing History: The Woodland Beach in Kent County, Delaware was home to a boardwalk and several attractions during the early 1900s. Now, only the boardwalk’s pier remains. However, on a well-lit night (whether by flashlight or moonlight), you can see figures walking over…

Highway 12 West in Fredrica, Delaware

A dog’s glowing red eyes have been spotted along Highway 12. According to legend, a man was so angry with his landlord that he murdered him. He then ground the landlord’s corpse into cornmeal and fed it to his dog. The ghost hound has been seen along Highway 12, glaring at passing drivers.

Catman’s Graveyard

Location: Frankford, Delaware, USA Built: Unknown Status: Still standing History Catman’s Graveyard is located at the end of a dirt road in Frankford, Delaware. It appears to be guarded by the ghost of the “Catman”, whose real identity is unknown, if it even existed at all. Legend has it that the man, while alive, had very cat-like features…

Pachette Playhouse

Location: Delaware City, Delaware, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – 1999 Status: Still standing (use is unknown) History The Pachette Playhouse was closed in the summer of 1999. It was used as a dance hall and playhouse in its day. There have been several reports of paranormal activity from the building, including paintings and photographs on…

Dickinson Mansion

Location: Dover, Delaware, USA Built: 1739-40 Status: Open as a museum History The John Dickinson House, which is sometimes called Dickinson Mansion or Poplar Hall, is located in Dover, Delaware within the John Dickinson Plantation. The house served as the home of John Dickinson, the mansion’s namesake who spent his boyhood in the mansion. Built…

Blue Coat Inn

Location: Dover, Delaware, USA Built: c. 1770s Operation Time: c. 1770s – Present Type: Inn Status: Open History The Blue Coat Inn is believed to have been built some time during the 1770s. The inn is haunted by two men from the Revolutionary War; one of them, an elderly man, is thought to be Colonel John Haslett,…

Fort Delaware

Now a state park, Fort Delaware served as a prison for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Workers and tourists alike have seen ghosts, felt cold spots, and heard disembodied voices. The ghost of a Civil War soldier has been reported watching groups of tourists from the upper ramparts. The fort, which is located on an island, also has a cemetery for soldiers who died of typhus and malaria, which is supposedly haunted as well.