The Church of God’s Word

The Church of God’s Word is haunted by unknown spirits. No matter what time of the day it is, shadows of people can be seen along the walls even when no one is walking by.

Katie’s Church

Katie’s Church in White Hall, Pennsylvania is home to strange noises, orbs, and light without any apparent sources. There is rumor that blood flows out of the boarded windows. The church, which is currently out of use, remains intact. A cemetery located behind the church is believed to be the source of the hauntings.

Harvey Browny Church

There have been several strange occurrences at the Harvey Browny Church that occur nightly. At around 5:00 PM, a presence can be felt in the largest chapel. From 7:00 PM to 9:30 Pm, the sound of footsteps, scuffing feet, and knocking on doors can be heard. There is a total of three spirits that are known to haunt the chapel: a man, a little girl, and a mother or older woman. The cause of the haunting is unknown.

Old Salem Church and Cemetery in Farmington, Missouri

It is said that the old church used to have a furnace in the middle of it during the 1800s. One night, one of the church’s servers slept in side the building, and the entire church burned down. The fire was so intense that the body of the boy was practically incinerated, and it was never found. A tombstone was placed in the cemetery in honor of the boy.