Old Cemetery Behind the Bethlehem Baptist Church

The old cemetery behind the Bethlehem Baptist Church is filled with hundreds of old graves. The apparitions of the dead have been witnessed wandering through the cemetery at night. The spirit of a horse can be seen in the pasture near the graveyard.

Mound View Cemetery

The Mound View Cemetery was used as a spot for Satanic rituals for several years. Rumor has it that Satan comes out from the bushes (located on two sides of the cemetery) at midnight on nights with full-moons or on Halloween night.

South Lawrence Cemetery

The South Lawrence Cemetery is haunted by unknown entities of those buried at the graveyard. Activity includes odd noises being heard, such as growling or moaning, the sensation that there is a bad presence in the area, and orbs floating around electric lights. Additionally, strange fog comes in occasionally.

The Trails of West Frisco Community

The Trails of West Frisco Community in Frisco, Texas were established during the late 1990s, built over an old settler cemetery. Now, the area’s residents experience paranormal occurrences such as crying babies, apparitions of settlers roaming the halls of their homes, and pictures falling off walls by themselves. Every year in early February, a faint apparition appears and floats through the entire West Frisco neighborhood.

Kirksville Cemetery

The Kirksville Cemetery in Kirksville, Missouri is home to a headstone that is shaped like a chair. Rumor has it that those who sit in the chair die shortly after doing so. It is unknown why this happens, or whether or not it is true.

Catholic Cemetery in Bolivar, Missouri

The Catholic cemetery in Bolivar, Missouri is a fairly new cemetery. However, it is haunted by a black figure whose identity is unknown. He appears to be a benign spirit.

Dye Family Cemetery

The Dye Family Cemetery has had several reports of orbs floating throughout the area. Being privately owned, you must obtain permission before going into the cemetery.

Alexandria Cemetery

If you drive past the cemetery, the apparition of a covered wagon follows you to the highway, and remains behind you even while on it. Eventually, the wagon just disappears as mysteriously as it came.

Zion United Church of Christ Cemetery

The Zion Church of Christ Cemetery is a popular destination for paranormal enthusiasts in the area. Apparitions have been sighted leaving the cemetery and wandering into the street, forcing drivers to stop abruptly. One helpful spirit has been known to stop cars to instruct the driver to turn back if they come too close to the burial grounds.

Memory Hill Cemetery

Those who visit the Memory Hill Cemetery have reported feeling a chill down their spine when they enter the center of the cemetery. One summer, a girl found three frozen dead squirrels under a tree in the heat of summer. At night, the ghost of a girl can be heard humming “Amazing Grace”.

Cemetery and Canyon Road

There have been many sightings of the apparition of a woman in a white outfit in the cemetery late at night. She has also been seen walking along Canyon Road. All of her sightings have been at night. No one is sure why she appears, or knows what she is looking for.

Goat Man’s Grave

A cemetery in Rolla, Missouri is said to be haunted by a man who has been nicknamed “Goat Man” due to his goat-like appearance. Policemen have witnessed his apparition appearing out of nowhere, then disappearing. The story of the man is unknown.