Beach at Bethany

Bethany Beach is haunted by a ragged-looking military spirit in tattered clothing that roams along a stretch of the shore. Though uncertain, it is believed that the ghost is Eddie “Fast Eddie” Rickenbacker (b. October 8th, 1890), an Air Force/Army hero from World War I who died of pneumonia in Switzerland on July 23rd, 1973.

Houston Lake

Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA Discovered: Unknown Type: Lake Status: Still standing History: Houston Lake is haunted by unknown spirits. The beach gives off the sensation of being watched. External Links: Houston Lake – Forgotten USA

Woodland Beach

Location: Woodland, Kent County, Delaware, USA Discovered: Unknown Type: Beach Status: Still standing History: The Woodland Beach in Kent County, Delaware was home to a boardwalk and several attractions during the early 1900s. Now, only the boardwalk’s pier remains. However, on a well-lit night (whether by flashlight or moonlight), you can see figures walking over…

The Dream Beach

Location: Itanhaém, Brazil, South America Discovered: Unknown Type: Beach Status: Still standing History: There have been several reports made by the people who live near the Dream Beach about being awoken in the middle of the night by a terrible noise ensued by heavy breathing in front of their faces coming from an unseen entity. The…