Wabaunsee High School

Location: Alma, Kansas, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: High School Status: Open History: Wabaunsee High School in Alma, Kansas is haunted by the spirits of past teachers and students who died during graduation. Most of the paranormal occurrences take place on the third floor, and they have been experienced by teachers and students alike….

Hanford Civic Auditorium

Location: Hanford, California, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Status: Open History: The Civic Auditorium is deemed haunted by several people who visit it. Cold breezes have been known to pass through the house even though the windows are shut. In the men’s bathroom, the sound of men talking about legal issues can be heard even…

Harrison High School Auditorium

The ghost of a young Shakespearian actor named Malcolm is believed to haunt the Harrison High School Auditorium. His footsteps can be heard on the stage and the catwalk above. Mysterious orbs of light without any kind of source have appeared on the catwalk.

Kofman Auditorium

Located in Central California, the Kofman Auditorium serves as Alameda High School’s theater. The old building features Greek-style columns in its design. Visitors have reported seeing the apparition of a young woman in the backstage area. Mysterious noises have been heard without any reasonable explanations for them.