Bailey Furniture Store

Before it was used as a furniture store, the Bailey Furniture Store was used as a supermarket. The owner of the market was murdered, and the killer was never found. Now, he still haunts the store, and he will break furniture for no reason. Unusual sounds have been heard coming from his old office in the back.

Hanshew Middle School

During the construction of Hanshew Middle School, a little girl was killed by one of the machines. Now she haunts the school by roaming through its halls. She seemingly only comes out during the early morning and late at night.

Historic Anchorage Hotel

The Historic Anchorage Hotel – the oldest hotel in Anchorage – is haunted by a wide variety of different ghosts, such as the young girl who roams the halls of the second floor. The TVs in rooms 215 and 217 TV turn on and off by themselves. The bathtub and sink faucets run on their own. Employees have reported the sound of footsteps descending the stairs even when the hotel is empty, and many of them have witnessed the apparition of a man near the stairs.

The Little Karaoke Place

In 1999, the Korean owner of The Little Karaoke Place was murdered by a group of Chinese weightlifters. Now, the owner’s spirit can be seen peeking out of the window.

4th Avenue Theater in Anchorage, Alaska

The 4th Avenue Theater’s construction began in 1941 but was not completed until 1947 due to a halt during the course of World War II. Once finished, it was a 960-seat, first-run theater up until the 1980s. It has been used as a banquet facility and a meeting space over the years.

Ship Creek

Ship Creek is haunted by a Native Alaskan woman named Marie, who was murdered along the creek in 1987. Now, she appears to homeless natives, warning them not to linger around, as that was how she was killed. Most of the sightings reported come from between the old ANS Hospital and the old Alaska Railroad terminal.

West High School

It is said that the West High School has restless humanoid creatures that wander in the basement, auditorium, and region connecting to the middle school. For some unknown reason, the creatures take their anger out on students and young teachers.

UAA Wendy Williamson Theater

The UAA Wendy Williamson Theater is haunted by a number of different ghosts. The theater’s most notable residents are a woman in a white dress, a poltergeist that has been seen in the light booth, and a man who enjoys pushing the female guests down the stairs. The history of the haunting is unknown.

Dyea, Alaska

Dyea, Alaska was launched for the gold rush. The popular picture of men going up and down a large hill with their provisions was taken in the town. While Dyea is considered a ghost town, there are still a small group of residents that live in the town. It is very close to Skagway, as it is actually on the site. Roads connect the two. Now, there are a few remains of buildings and some old headstones.

Portlock, Alaska

Portlock, Alaska in Kenai Peninsula County was named after Captain Nathaniel Portlock, a member of the Royal Navy, who landed in Alaska in August, 1787. However, Spain and Russia owned the land all the way up until 1867, when the United States purchased it.