Sugar Shack Road

Near one hundred years ago, there was a woman who lived near the road on her own for several years. The townspeople accused her and two others of witchcraft, and the three were hung with chains. Now, every Halloween at midnight, you can hear the sound of chains being dragged across the top of the car when you drive beneath the branches of the tree in which they were hanged from.

Wal-Mart Super Center in Chanute, Kansas

In 1978, the Wal-Mart in Chanute, Kansas was upgraded into a Super Center, which caused one man to try to protest it in anger. He died in the parking lot for unknown reasons. Now, he haunts the store, and is known to hang around the children’s aisle, where he often plays with the toys when he is happy. If, however, he’s angry, he gives off cold air and shuts down the power on Halloween. It is believed that only children can see him, and those who follow him don’t come back.

Hebron Lane Cemetery

It is said that on moonlit nights, you can see the “ghost of Hebron Lane”, an elderly woman who walks through the cemetery carrying a lantern. She is seen wearing a long dress, an apron, and a scarf on her head. The story goes that she holds her lantern high, looking in the trees for her lost cat. The woman appears most often during Halloween and the fall months.

Camp Cottaquilla

Camp Cottaquilla is a Girl Scout camp notorious for its ghost of a scout. The spirit of a one-armed Girl Scout has been known to go door-to-door every year during the week of Halloween to sell things. It is unknown if this is true or not, or if it is simply a campfire story that has gained notoriety.

Rocklin High School

The Rocklin High School’s theater is said to be haunted by a ghost named “Billy.” Two students that were helping a teacher paint the walls of the theater after school saw the word “HELP” mysteriously written on an unpainted wall. The word wasn’t there earlier, and it was not vandalism.

Banks Middle School

On Halloween, people have reported hearing the classroom intercom on and off by itself, as well as doors slamming shut in the 6th-grade section of the girls’ bathroom. Years ago, a teacher committed suicide by jumping off a fake airplane that sits atop the building shortly after revealing that a disruptive student “drove her crazy”. Her death is believed to be the cause of the hauntings.