Wild Goose

The Wild Goose was a yacht that belonged to Hollywood legend John Wayne for over twenty-five years. Only a month before Wayne’s death, he sold it off to make sure that it found the right home. The new owner, Lynn Hutchins, saw the apparition of a tall, smiling man on the boat. It is thought to be the spirit of John Wayne, as he started appearing in August 1979 shortly after his death.

Harrison High School Auditorium

The ghost of a young Shakespearian actor named Malcolm is believed to haunt the Harrison High School Auditorium. His footsteps can be heard on the stage and the catwalk above. Mysterious orbs of light without any kind of source have appeared on the catwalk.

Finnish Temperance Hall

The Finnish Temperance Hall, which is also known as the “Finn Hall”, was built in 1905 by the Finnish Temperance Society. During its early days, it was one of Rocklin’s most impressive theaters, featuring school Christmas programs, receptions, dances, and fraternal meetings. It is said to be haunted by old playwrights who died there in their early 1920s.