RMS Queen Mary

The Queen Mary began construction in the December of 1930 in Clydebank, Scotland. Due to the Great Depression, work on the ship was ceased in December, 1931. In order to complete the project, Cunard (the construction company) applied for a loan from the British Government. It was approved, and there was enough leftover money that a second ship – the Queen Elizabeth – could be constructed.

Fort Dodge

Fort Dodge is currently used as a retirement home for veterans. One building at the fort is the home of many spirits who are assumed to be soldiers.

U.S. Army Medical Training Center

The U.S. Army Medical Training Center’s Service Club Number Two is haunted by a spirit with a playful nature. Ever since 1960, the building’s employees and guests have reported an unseen entity clearing its throat. The ghost has also been known to open and close windows, play with typewriters, and play solitary Ping-Pong.

Ellsworth Air Force Base

The Ellsworth Air Force Base’s antenna building is haunted by an unknown spirit. Occurrences include lights switching on and off, objects moving on their own, coffee pots unplugging themselves, and strange shadows being cast by what appears to be nothing.

Fort Abercrombie

Fort Abercrombie serves as the residence for ghosts of both soldiers and Native Americans. Established in 1857, it was built to protect the wagon trains that were heading west to California. In 1862, the fort was attacked by the Sioux Nation repeatedly, causing casualties on both sides that resulted in Fort Abercrombie’s hauntings.

Fort Fisher

Confederate General William Whiting was fatally wounded during an attack on Fort Fisher by the Union in 1864. The fort protected the last remaining river route used by blockade runners who supplied the Confederacy with the goods they needed. With the Union taking the stronghold, the war was practically won.

U.S. Military Academy

The U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York is said to be haunted by a number of different ghosts. The Superindent’s House is believed to be haunted by a former maid named Molly, who’s spirit goes room to room to mess up freshly made beds.

Fort Niagara

In 1759, the Battle of Fort Niagara took place between the British and the French and Native Americans for two weeks. Even despite the battle going on, two Frenchmen began to fight over the attention of a beautiful young woman. Their duel resulted in the winner decapitating his opponent with his sword. The severed head bounced on the surrounding cobblestone, and fell into a well.

Fort Abraham Lincoln

In May, 1876, General George Custer marched with his 600 troops from Fort Abraham Lincoln to fight the Sioux tribe. The residents of the area waved farewell to the General and his army. While doing so, they witnessed roughly half of the soldiers ride off into the sky mysteriously as the other half stayed behind in the proper position. They took it as an omen of impending doom. On June 25th at the Battle of Little Bighorn, Custer and 264 of his troops (which was about half of the troops that marched out of Fort Abraham Lincoln) were killed by the Sioux Nation.

Fort Lincoln

During the Civil War, Fort Lincoln was the site of the abuse and mistreatment of several Confederate soldiers who were imprisoned there. They were often kept in small tents in wet and filthy conditions. Over 4,000 Confederate soldiers died at the fort in the course of two years, either of disease or of abuse.

Fort De Chartes

Fort De Chartes was built in 1756 for King Louis XV, though he never actually got a chance to use it. The fort’s first paranormal encounter was in 1889, and the last one to be reported was in 1989. On every July 4th that falls on a Friday, a ghostly funeral procession begins between 11:00 PM and midnight. The procession includes around forty wagons, twenty-six soldiers on horseback, and a casket laying flat on a wagon. It is believed that the body is of a prominent person who was murdered. The next July 4th that is a Friday is in 2014.

Camp Ripley Military Base

During the mid-1800s, the cavalry were stationed at Camp Ripley to fight the Native Americans. Now, the U.S. Army’s soldiers have seen apparitions of these troops riding up and down the surrounding area in full battle dress with flags, and the sounds of bugles.