Carroll College

Carroll College was founded in 1909 by John Patrick Carroll, the second Bishop of the Diocese of Helena, Montana at the time. Originally, the school was named the Mount St. Charles in honor of St. Charles Borromeo. Initially, it served as an all-male liberal arts college, focusing on training young men for careers in medicine, law, engineering, teaching, and priesthood. Now, it is coeducational.

Jeruk Purut Cemetery

The Jeruk Purut Cemetery, located in Jakarta, Indonesia, was expanded onto wakaf land (land donated for religious purposes) in the mid-2000s. By 2007, there was an average of 300 burials per month, and it was one of the few cemeteries in Jakarta that was capable of expanding.

University of Dayton

The University of Dayton was formerly the St. Mary’s School for Boys during the 1850s. Now, apparitions of a priest with students have been sighted at and near the Chapel of Immaculate Conception. The Theta Phi Alpha is said to be haunted by a young man. Several girls who have taken up residence in the home have reported heavy items being moved around, lights turning on and off on their own, and an ominous presence when they are going to bed. They have also said it is extremely cold at night, and that they wake up with less energy than they did before they fell asleep.