Saint Mary’s Church

The Saint Mary’s Church, which is now closed, was the site of a freak accident resulting in a lingering spirit. A nun was walking down a flight of stairs when she tripped and fell to her death. Now, she can be heard moaning at the base of the stairs. When you turn around the corner, her noise-making ceases.

Coe Medical Center

Coe Medical Center in Cody, Wyoming is haunted by the spirits of two nuns who have been seen floating down the halls. Weird noises have been reported coming from the center as well.

Saint John’s Catholic School

Saint John’s Catholic School’s rectory was haunted by the ghost of Sister Irenita, a nun who died in 1931. For five years following her death, both students and nuns alike saw her spirit every night. Her appearances occurred up until a special mass was held in order to put her to rest. Vandals dug up her coffin and exposed her corpse, which Monsignor Cullen of the parish said was in perfect condition, being soft to the touch, even despite the fact she had been buried for over five years and had a tree root break into her coffin.

Convent of St. Thomas

The Convent of St. Thomas is haunted by an unidentified nun who has had several reported sightings by several sisters living in the convent. It is said that the nun kneels at the altar rail in front of the tabernacle. The cause of the haunting is unknown due to the lack of her identity, though it is assumed that she is lingering behind because of the convent being home to her.