Fort Riley

Fort Riley is located in Manhattan Kansas, and is plagued with paranormal activity in various parts of the fort. In the main post, there have been reports of an apparition of an old nurse or caretaker walking through the area. Her name and back story are unknown to this day.

Cherokee Cemetery

The Cherokee Cemetery has had several reports of flashing lights emanating from it. The sound of a man screaming can be heard. On many accounts, people have said they were chased by an unseen entity.

San Gabriel Valley

The San Gabriel Valley in California is haunted by the ghost of a Native American man who is regularly sighted in the backyards, bedrooms, and living rooms of houses in the area. Though his apparition only lasts but a few seconds until he disappears, seeing him lasts a lifetime.

Badlands National Park

The Badlands National Park was the site of the Native American Ghost Dance, a sacred ceremony that lasted for several days meant to instill the tribe members with the powerful spirit energy. The United States Cavalry wanted to stop the ceremonies at once, and their attempts to try and end them built up to the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890.

Smokey Hill 7-11

The Smokey Hill 7-11 located in Aurora, Colorado was built atop the site of an old Native American Reservation. Most of its activity takes place between midnight and 3:00 AM for unknown reasons. Items have been seen flying off the shelves as if they have been thrown, even when no one is in the store (security cameras have filmed this happening).

Eagle Creek

The ghosts of Native Americans have been sighted next to Eagle Creek in Arlington, Washington. A trail in a mobile home park has been known to cause people to get confused and lost, and they generally end up miles away.

Shanghai Tunnels

The Shanghai Tunnels were used for kidnapping drunk men in the bar above to have them work on boats (this practice was known as “Shanghaing”). Women were kidnapped and used as prostitutes. The kidnappings provided almost slave-like conditions.

Lake Coeur D’ Alene

Lake Coeur D’Alene is said to be haunted by a Native American woman who is half-fish, half-human. Other unexplainable events include noises without a source, a huge horned animal that lifts boats out of the water, and the appearance of wind moving the surface water of the lake when there is no wind blowing.