Old Cemetery Behind the Bethlehem Baptist Church

The old cemetery behind the Bethlehem Baptist Church is filled with hundreds of old graves. The apparitions of the dead have been witnessed wandering through the cemetery at night. The spirit of a horse can be seen in the pasture near the graveyard.

U.S. Naval Weapons Station

The U.S. Navy Weapons Station patrolmen have experienced odd paranormal happenings, such as the sounds of struggling horses and screaming women. Over a century ago, the Virginian Governor Edward Digges’ daughter and her friends were coming back from Yorktown when tragedy struck. The carriage they were riding in ran off Old Williamsburg Road and into the Black Swamp, and within a matter of minutes, everything sunk beneath the muddy surface, causing the horses and women to drown in its dirty depths.

Borley Rectory

The Borley Rectory was built in 1862 near the Borley Church by Reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull. A year later, he moved into the house after being named the rector of the parish. The house was built ont he same land as the old rectory that had burned down in 1841. As time went on, the Borley Rectory was enlarged to include an additional wing for Bull’s family of fourteen children.

Central State

There have been several sightings of a ghostly man riding on a tall black horse through the area. While his back story is unknown, he has appeared several times in Central State.

Bessie Gym

During the 19th or early 20th century, the Bessie Gym was used as a morgue. It is believed to be haunted by the old caretaker, who has been seen wearing a long black trench coat, a top hat, and a long, brown beard. There have also been a number of cold spots in the building.