The Whaley House

The Whaley House was the residence of Thomas Whaley and his family. It also served as Mr. Whaley’s general store, the second county courthouse in San Diego, and the first commercial theater over the years.

Decatur High School

Both students and teachers alike have reported white moving apparitions, unexplainable sounds, and footsteps in the halls of the Decatur High School. The building was built in 1950, and there are no known deaths in its history. It is unknown why the school is haunted.

Thornton Academy

At night, when it is past school hours, ghosts of those who have died on campus wander around, looking for victims to scare and/or attempt to kill to bring them to their side. Luckily, no one has ever been killed by one of the spirits of the Thornton Academy. Not much is known about the haunting of the school.

Black Death Hospital

The Black Death Hospital in Roscrea, Ireland is reputed as being one of the most haunted hospitals in the world. It was used as a children’s hospital for those suffering from the “black death”, or the bubonic plague. Several years ago, construction workers were digging around sewer pipes when they were surprised to find the bones of nearly fifty children. Locals refuse to visit the hospital at night, claiming that the ghosts of the children will lure you to your death to join them.

Eastern Cemetery

The Eastern Cemetery has graves from as early as the 18th century. However, the site is in terrible condition due to neglect and vandalism. It is believed that the spirits of the dead have risen back due to the lack of care and respect for the cemetery. According to legend, there is a ghost of a woman who takes care of the dead babies that were buried in their own section in the back.

Kelley Brothers Brewery

The El Rey Theatre sat in the center of Manteca, California on Yosemite Avenue, a short bit east of Main Street. It was built in 1930s Art Deco style, and it became a famous landmark for the small town. Both movies and shows played there. During the Christmas season, the owners allowed children in for free, and they played cartoons and The Three Stooges for them.

Ospedale Pedagogico di Aguscello

Ospedale Pedagogico di Aguscello (also known as the Ospedale Psichiatrico Infantile di Aguscellois) is haunted by the “insane” children who used to live at the hospital. The nuns that worked there are believed to have tortured the patients, and there are some on-site graves suggesting that they killed them.

Old Salem Church and Cemetery in Farmington, Missouri

It is said that the old church used to have a furnace in the middle of it during the 1800s. One night, one of the church’s servers slept in side the building, and the entire church burned down. The fire was so intense that the body of the boy was practically incinerated, and it was never found. A tombstone was placed in the cemetery in honor of the boy.

Harrison High School Auditorium

The ghost of a young Shakespearian actor named Malcolm is believed to haunt the Harrison High School Auditorium. His footsteps can be heard on the stage and the catwalk above. Mysterious orbs of light without any kind of source have appeared on the catwalk.

Heady Lane Cemetery

Heady Lane Cemetery, located in Fishers, Indiana, has headstones that date as far back as the early 1800s. The cemetery got its name from the Heady family, which make up a large number of the graves at the site. It is haunted by various spirits, particularly along the Hollow at 126th Street in Fishers at Allisonville Road.

Dana Cup

The Dana Cup was the location of a fatal accident that involved a little boy who got killed while playing soccer. It is believed that he haunts the place either because he loved the game so much or he is seeking his revenge.

La Ferme Noir (The Black Farm)

La Ferme Noir, translating into “The Black Farm”, is part of the Belgian Boy Scouts’ Hostel Ring, and it is frequently visited and used by the scouts. People sleeping in the third floor dormitory, a former hayloft, have been woken up by the apparition of a Boy Scout in uniform looking for a “light to guide their way”. Those who have seen him say that his body is solid but his face is a shadow.