White House

Currently abandoned, the White House was formerly used as a hospital, hotel, and day-care center. Now, it houses the spirit of a woman in white, whom witnesses believe to be the woman who owned the day-care. In 1988, the building was damaged by fire, and it is now deserted.

Saint James Church

The Saint James Church has an odd fog that surrounds it at night. Inside, there is a mysterious light that appears when no one is inside. Adjacent to the church is a small cemetery; those who drive by temporarily have scrambled radio and cell phone signals. It was demolished in October 2003 after two local teens set the structure on fire.

Undisclosed Residence in Ponca, Oklahoma

Location: Ponca, Oklahoma, USA Built: Unknown Status: Residence History: The undisclosed residence in Ponca, Oklahoma was haunted by Wild West mayor J.W. Lynch and a young boy named Joseph. Tonya Kimble, her two daughters, Hailey (age 15) and KK (age 9), and her boyfriend, Sergio Gonzales, began looking for a place to live in 2011. After moving…

Borley Rectory

Location: Borley, Essex, England Built: 1862 Status: Destroyed History: The Borley Rectory was built in 1862 near the Borley Church by Reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull. A year later, he moved into the house after being named the rector of the parish. The house was built ont he same land as the old rectory that had burned down in…

Indian Reservation Elementary School

The Indian Reservation Elementary School burned down a few years ago, killing a small group of teachers and children. Now, objects can be seen moving by the remains of the school. Laughing children can be heard as if they are still playing. In the gym, which remained intact from the fire, the sound of a bouncing basketball can be heard, although the area has remained locked. The coach’s office light stays on all the time for unknown reason, and it has never burned out.

Pickens County Courthouse

Location: Carrollton, Alabama, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: Court Status: Open History: During the Civil War, the first courthouse in Carrollton was burned downed by the Union Army during the Civil War; this was done as an act of humiliation rather than an attack. The second built courthouse, the Carrollton Courthouse caught fire and burned…

Granity Hotel

Location: Granity, New Zealand, Australia Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: Hotel Status: Open History: The Granity Hotel is located in the small town of Granity, New Zealand, but it made a good place for the coal-miners to stay during the 1890s. A fire broke out in Room 16, killing six people, including one young man…

Kelley Brothers Brewery

Location: Manteca, California, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: Brewery Status: Open History: The El Rey Theatre sat in the center of Manteca, California on Yosemite Avenue, a short bit east of Main Street. It was built in 1930s Art Deco style, and it became a famous landmark for the small town. Both movies and…

Old Salem Church and Cemetery in Farmington, Missouri

Location: Farmington, Missouri, USA Built: Unknown (Rebuilt in the 1930s) Operation Time: ? – Present Type: Christian Status: Open History: It is said that the old church used to have a furnace in the middle of it during the 1800s. One night, one of the church’s servers slept in side the building, and the entire…

Battenfield House

Location: Fife Lake, Michigan, USA Built: Unknown Status: Unknown History: The Battenfield House was subject to two different mass murders within its walls. The first involved a woman poisoning several of her family members because she liked to go to social events, and the murders would supply the social contact she so desperately wanted. The second murder…

Valcour Aime Plantation Gardens

Location: Vacherie, Louisiana, USA Built: Unknown Status: In ruins History: The Valcour Aime Plantation belonged to Valcour Aime, he was known as the “Louis the XIV of Louisiana” and was said to be the wealthiest person in the south. His plantation, which was sometimes called La Petite Versailles, burned to the ground in 1920. It is haunted by Aime….

Stevens High School

The Stevens High School is haunted by a boy nicknamed “Sparky”. He is responsible for lighting up chairs with auras and dropping nails from the cement ceiling, generally in the auditorium stage and the storage closet. The school was built on the site of a house fire that killed both Sparky and his family.