Fort Dodge

Fort Dodge is currently used as a retirement home for veterans. One building at the fort is the home of many spirits who are assumed to be soldiers.

Santa Fe Depot in Dodge City, Kansas

The Santa Fe Depot in Dodge City, Kansas opened in 1898 as a large brick railroad depot taking riders to Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 1993, it became home to the Depot Theater Company, and main building was remodeled into a dinner theater. The western end of the depot is still in use by Amtrak passengers.

Carnegie Center for the Arts

The Carnegie Center for the Arts used to be the city library nearly a century ago in 1907. Currently, it is run by the Dodge City Area Arts Council, and operates as a public art gallery. It is haunted by unknown spirits.

Old Dodge City High School

The old Dodge City High School was built sometime during the 1800s. While it is known that the school is haunted by ghosts, the reason for the haunting has been tainted by legends and lies, making it difficult to uncover the history of the paranormal at the school. There are several different spirits that reside at the Dodge City High School, not all of them friendly.