Clinton Road

There have been several legends of ghosts that surround Clinton Road. A bridge that passes over Clinton Brook is the spot of a spirit known as “the ghost boy of the bridge”. The boy was believed to have drowned while either swimming or falling into the water after sitting on the bridge’s edge. Now, if you put a quarter on the yellow line in the middle of the road at midnight, he will return your coin to you. Many have even seen his apparition, while others have been pushed into the water by his ghostly hands.

Another ghost is that of a car driven by a teenage girl who died from the impact of a car crash in 1988. The ghosts of two park rangers who died on the job in 1939 have also been spotted. Phantom vehicles have been seen on numerous occasions, such as a ghostly pickup truck that appears out of nowhere, chases drivers to the end of the road, then disappears. Many have witnessed the ghosts of people in old-fashioned clothing who stare at them but say nothing.

Mysterious creatures are even seen along the road, such as hell-hounds and monkeys. It is rumored that these animals might be the survivors of the Jungle Habitat, which was an attraction that closed in 1976.