Vang Lutheran Church

During the 1930s, the apparition of a man appeared in the Vang Lutheran Church, but no one recognized who he was. There have also been reports of odd voices in the church.

Aveia, Italy

Located in the ancient Italian town of Vestini, the ghost town Aveia has a few remaining buildings still standing. Paintings inside of the church date back to the 12th century. In 1902, a 3rd-century inscription was found in the town.

Bethlehem Methodist Church

While it is unknown why the Bethlehem Methodist Church is haunted, it is known that there have been a number of paranormal happenings there. It has been reported that if you drive around the church three times and turn off your lights, the church’s blinds will rise up by themselves. The cemetery near the church has been the site of a yellow orb of light that floats through the air and across McElderry Road.

Adams Grove Presbyterian Church

The Adams Grove Presbyterian Church, constructed in the Greek revival-style in 1853, is one of the few pre-Civil War churches remaining in the area. The cemetery outside of the church was built at least five years prior. The last congregation was held in either 1974 or 1986, depending on the source. It is widely considered to be one of the most haunted locations in Alabama.