Ghost: C.C. Pegues

Name: C.C. Pegues Gender: Male Born: Unknown Died: 1860 Category: Ghost of a Man Sighting: Cahaba, Alabama, USA History The ghost of Colonel C.C. Pegues has been seen as a strange orb of light floating through the cedar groves behind his former home in Cahaba, Alabama. From 1820 to 1826, his home served as a jail, but…

Town: Cahaba, Alabama

Location: Cahaba, Alabama, USA Established: Before 1818 Operation Time: ? – c.1940s Type: Town Status: Still standing History Cahaba was selected to be Alabama’s state capitol on November 21st, 1818. By 1820, the town was thriving with large buildings inside of it. However, in 1825, Cahaba was struck by a major flood five years later that destroyed the state house….