U.S. Naval Weapons Station

The U.S. Navy Weapons Station patrolmen have experienced odd paranormal happenings, such as the sounds of struggling horses and screaming women. Over a century ago, the Virginian Governor Edward Digges’ daughter and her friends were coming back from Yorktown when tragedy struck. The carriage they were riding in ran off Old Williamsburg Road and into the Black Swamp, and within a matter of minutes, everything sunk beneath the muddy surface, causing the horses and women to drown in its dirty depths.

Ellsworth Air Force Base

The Ellsworth Air Force Base’s antenna building is haunted by an unknown spirit. Occurrences include lights switching on and off, objects moving on their own, coffee pots unplugging themselves, and strange shadows being cast by what appears to be nothing.

Camp Ripley Military Base

During the mid-1800s, the cavalry were stationed at Camp Ripley to fight the Native Americans. Now, the U.S. Army’s soldiers have seen apparitions of these troops riding up and down the surrounding area in full battle dress with flags, and the sounds of bugles.