Milam House

The Milam House is haunted by the ghost of Dr. Bob Mabry and his adopted mother Mrs. Frances Milam. His presence has been reported in the master bedroom and the office. Mrs. Milam, who is still alive, has received personal messages from her adopted son. Dr. Mabry has warned those who visit the house with messages on their hands saying, “Suicide is not an ending. We still have the same problems, for the soul is eternal.” He warns this because in 1983, he himself committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Donaldson House

The Donaldson House was built in 1870 by William James “WJ” Donaldson. The current residents, David and Lina Chestnut, have reported feeling the presence of WJ’s third wife as well as WJ himself, particularly in the hallway. It seems as if he monitors the home in order to make sure it is taken care of. In the child’s room, an apparition of a young girl has been seen looking out the window. The Chestnut family’s Bible has been seen levitating and falling to the floor on numerous occasions. Both residents and guests alike have heard music coming from a room in the house. Other activity includes disembodied footsteps and cold spots.