House Off Highway 431

The area off of Highway 431 is believed to be haunted by one of the first owners of the section. He was killed while plowing his garden with a tractor that overturned onto him, goring him. It was not long after that the man’s wife began to hear banging noises through out the house, which she later sold.

Down from the Exxon Station

Every night, the sound of mumbling and rumbling rocks and pebbles can be heard. There are also shadow people that have been seen walking around.

Memory Hill Cemetery

Those who visit the Memory Hill Cemetery have reported feeling a chill down their spine when they enter the center of the cemetery. One summer, a girl found three frozen dead squirrels under a tree in the heat of summer. At night, the ghost of a girl can be heard humming “Amazing Grace”.

Alabama Avenue Middle School

Alabama Avenue Middle School is haunted for unknown reasons. At night, doors are known to slam on their own, accompanied by flickering lights. Students at the school have reported locking their lockers, heaving, and then coming back to find their lockers unlocked. Sounds of children in the halls can be heard even when the building is only open to staff.

Albertville Public Library

Prior to its operation as the Albertville Public Library, the site was used as a house but was demolished sometime in 1900. While no one ever died on the site, the former owners of the house haunt the area because they were mad at the people who tore down their home to build a library.

Workers and volunteers at the Albertville Public Library have claimed that the elevator operates by itself with no one inside as well as water turning on and off in an empty bathroom. In most cases, these occurrences happen early in the morning when the first employee comes to work on their own.